Terms Of Use for Service

At world of creativity(Bok Productions) we focused strictly on helping low budget photographers who’s trying to experience high quality videos and promps. We are not a agency of Red Dragon, Dji, or Lumix.

we are owners of purchased equipment from the common brand Red Dragon, Dji, or Lumix. Our equipment is in Perfect shape. If you are interested in renting out the equipment a owner will be on the scene of your set.

The time limit varies accordingly to rental date. Below is a list of rental requirements needed to rent the equipment. We focus on building a group of educated photographer who's passions is filming and editing.

All Videographer must provide the location of where the video will be recorded in the application. This program is for your customers to receiving high quality videos while you maintain your budget.

why world of creativity? every artist or actor wants high- quality results, so as a production company(Bok Productions). we provide you with the benefits to increase your pay from the use of our merchandise, until you have save up enough for your own. we find you clients as well.


Government Issued ID: (Must Be Valid)

Valid Telephone number: (for daily updates on locations and time of the video shoot).

Valid Email address: (for daily updates on new members who have joined world of creativity).

‘‘We find you clients around the USA’’ Relax while we connect for you

-client booking application for month.$200

-client booking application for a year $500 -for 1year we will find you clients.

-client booking application for 2 years $2000 -for 2 years we will find you clients.

-client lifetime application $5000

Application Rates

Lend Equipment: Red Raven, Spark Drone, Dji Osmo, Dji Advance drone.

-Monthly Application Fee: $600.00 -videographer application expires in 30 days.

-Yearly Application Fee: $2000.00 -videographer application expires a year after application is submitted.

-2 year Application Fee: $5000.00 -Videographer application expires 2 years after application submitted.