Atlantic Records 

Atlantic Records 
Parent Company: Warner Music Group Founded: 1947Founder: Ahmet Ertegun[1]Herb Abramson Distributor (s): Atlantic Records Group[2]Genre: VariousCountry of Origin: United States Official Website:



Atlantic Records is a Record label with over 60 years of music history from Aretha Franklin & Led Zeppelin down to Bruno mars. It was founded in October 1947. The Labels Parent Organization consists of Warner Music Group. The subsidiaries involve record labels like,  Bad Boy Records, LaSalle Records, Raedio, F-Stop Music, Atlantic Theater Company Inc., Octa Music Inc. There are two founders Ahmet Ertegun, Herb Abramson.  in 1967 the label expanded into rock and pop music with a release by Led Zeppelin. in 2014 the label joined hands with related label titled Label Elektra. Atlantic earn its recognition as one of the outstanding companies in America. Specializing in Jazz , R&B, and soul by music legends like Ray Charles , Sam and Dave, Ruth Brown so as Otis Redding.  Craig Kallman is the president(chairman) of Atlantic.   


In 1944. two relates Nesui and Ahmet Ertegun stayed in the United states while some of their relative returned to turkey. The two brothers we lovers of Jazz and rhythm & blues. They collected a total of 15,000 78 RPM records. In 1947 Atlantic records was ran by Abramson (president) and Ertegun(vice president in charge of A&r , production so as promotion). Abramson wife goes by the name of Miriam, she was responsible for running the publishing company title Progressive Music. Her nickname was ''Tokyo Rose''.

Atlantic fist recording was issued in late January of 1948. This included ''The Old Magic'' by Tiny Grimes and the The Spider By Joe Morris. In this specific year Atlantic records focus was on modern jazz according to the Billboards[2]. There were a few country western and spoken word recordings at the time. Abramson was responsible for producing ''Magic Records'' as well. each record contained a different narrative.

Craig Kallman

Craig Kallman is a former Dj, Business man. He is Also known as the Ceo of Atlantic records Group. He began his journey in the 1980 pursuing his career. This took place in Manhattan[3]. He Discover his own independent label Big Beat Records, curated in 1987[4]. Craig Kallman spinned has played records for  a heap of celebrities in the music industry including including icons like Blazer Barboza. Kallman was the first Dj to give the young artist record a play. This Album was title Price of Pop[5] . Kallman attended Brown University and has been a employer of atlantic records since 1991.

Atlantic Records connections in 2020

In 2020 Atlantic record made previous connections pertaining to outside connects and inside. They have connected with camera men , Digital Marketing agents, A&r and publishers to help build there foundation stronger. Blazer Barboza is a outside connector you may know of. he is also skilled in the field as a A&r, the official A&r of Atlantic records is Pete Ganbarg he has been promoted as the president of atlantic records. there connection in 2020 consists on finding individual with new marketing strategies from around the globe. Atlantic records has made connection with rappers like Roddy Ricch, Bruno Mars, Gucci Mane as well as Blazer Barboza.  The Artists mentioned above are responsible  for making records for the company excluding Blazer Barboza. He has built a relationship with Atlantic records  on the behalf of calling for unsigned talent , and marketing[6]