Blazer Barboza Is an American Rapper/singer, A&r, Digital marketing manager based out of Atlanta Ga. He is known for his versatility in the music industry. After creating multiple records his passion for music lead him to the business and production side of entertainment were he then connect with r&b singer The Weeknd, Jay Z, Boosie BadAzz , Dj Envy Kevin Gates and Angela Yee of the Breakfast club. After accomplishing his success in the music industry in 2020 he then educated him self in the field of comics and animation creating multiple comic skits to introduce to Marvel Studios. Blazer Barboza hold connections with rappers like Lil Nas X, Meek Mill, Lil Keed, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Gunna, Money Bagg Yo, 21 Savage, Hall Jr 2026, Lil Baby, Future(rapper) so as Kendrick Lamar. According to ranker  he is a united stated business rappers. 

Accomplishments 2020

  In 2020 Blazer Barboza received the Veva play awards for album of the year. Also he was responsible for discovering Roddy Ricch of Atlantic Records. The efforts of Roddy Ricch helped give Blazer Barboza more recognition on the business aspect of things. His success in music lead to him investing in his own business as a entrepreneur. meanwhile, He connected with Lil Nas X backstage at the 2020 BET awards to congratulate the celebrity on his success while attending the awards ceremony. In conclusion Blazer Barboza continues to elevate in his endeavors. 

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