Cassius Ellison. Professionally known as Blazer Barboza is a American Rapper. He is also known for assisting and promoting talent throughout the Music Industry. Blazer Barboza has helped contribute to many rappers and there success. This consist of Digital Marketing and scouting new talent. Here are a few celebrities you may know of like Roddy Ricch , The Weeknd, T.I.,  Boosie Badazz and Future(rapper). Ellison has earn marking credits from the selected few mentioned above. Blazer Barboza has 6-7 years of experience in the field of A&r and Digital Marketing. 

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Billie Eilish 

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Big Music Talk

New Sound 20

Fork Magazine 

Starz Best 

Wave On Point 

The CQ Report 


Billboard NXT


Starters Marketing packages


Website Marketing (5 Website)

Service Duration: 1 Month 

What Is Website Marketing In Short Terms ? Website marketing is the Process of advertising your content on different quality website within your niche to reach a specific target audience  

Benefits: Organic Fanbase ,Social Growth, Raise More Brand Of Awareness 


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Social Media Marketing 


Social Media Marketing 

Service Duration: 1 Month 

What Is Social Media Marketing In Short Terms ? Social marketing is the Process of advertising your content thought out social media to reach a specific target audience  

What We Will Do ? We Will develop an unique strategy to help your brand prosper on social media 

Benefits: Organic Fanbase ,Social Growth, Raise More Brand Of Awareness


One Platform of Your Choice: 

Advance Package 

$4,500.00 (One Single) 

Chart Promotion 

Service Duration: 1 Month 

Getting your Music to the charts is important. This is an affective way to gain the attention of major labels and Increase your conversion sales on your new EP , Album or Single. View The List of top charts Here 

How Ever Your Region is United States, and we cannot guarantee a set position on the charts that depends on fans interactions with your release our promotion team will help you peak on one of the charts from the list mention above. 

Benefits: Organic Fanbase ,Social Growth, Raise More Brand Of Awareness, Increase Conversion Sales, Can Draw the attention of Major Labels.

+ Game Developer 

If You Are Interested In Game Developing Blazer Barboza also specializes in developing 3D Realistic Games. Receive a One Scene realistic game created around your brand , your game will be developed for Xbox Console and Windows and PC. Pricing is determined based on the complexity of the game idea.  

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