Ed Sheeran and Blazer Barboza is Bigger With Atlantic Records 

Blazer Barboza /Ed Sheeran Meeting Atlantic Records Artists.png 

Ed Sheeran is born in west england. He currently one of Atlantic records artist. Sheeran establish his first music recording in 2004. So why is Blazer Barboza and Sheeran the talk of Blogs ? Both Artists are currently connected to Atlantic Records, Who's parent company is Warner Music Group. Blazer Barboza is skilled in the field of Music, A&r and Marketing. The Two can be even bigger. This is Currently why Atlantic records are in support of the artists. Blazer Barboza is considered a outside connect to atlantic records presenting on the behalf of unsigned talent.  Did You Know Ed Sheeran reached a net worth of  £200 million (2020 estimate). In 2019 his album No.9 Collaborations lead to positive reviews with the assistance of the record label. the labels responsibility is make sure content reaches it targeted audience. Blazer Barboza is known for being in and out the label for talking deals. His music career sprouted in 2018 after attending the breakfast club power 105.1. Also he has connected with Craig Kallman who was the first to spinn blazer barboza records. Even though the two Blazer Barboza and Ed Sheeran are global music artists there fans on instagram feel that they can be even bigger , but there definitely grateful for the albums they release. In conclusions, a record company can definitely help you gain mass exposer.