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Date Published: 2/26/2020
By: Blazer Baroza

Blazer Barboza Code Mind Set 

Code Mind Set is a Blazer Barboza third album covering the concept of a individual who is born for success, but overcomes many different obstacles such as getting Shot and being programmed by society with certain words and symbols that give off a certain stigma. 
Code Mind Set also shares with the audience how it feels from Blazer Barboza POV to be a father while resting his mind from  certain words and images that was forced in the mind doing a unconscious level of life as a new born to separate all man kind. 
The 28 year old Cassius Qwandrell Ellison. Professionally known as Blazer Barboza desires to inspire his fans trough his music with his own personal testimonies to watch and protect what goes in there mind.

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