This is a Image of Boza X Natural Fictional Character as a Teenager
This is a Image of Boza x natural (Fictional Character)

Boza X Natural (Fictional Character)


Boza X Natural ( Born August 1, 2020) is a Fictional character. The character was designed in a home studio in Atlanta Ga. He is known for appearing in internet comics. The first comic that included Boza X Natural was title  Boza X Natural Series No.1  which was released as a comic EBook. The character is Played by American Rapper Blazer Barboza. In 2020 issue No.2 of The Boza X Natural Series was release as well. The Fictional Character abilities are super strength, intelligent thinking, Speed and Duration. Boza X  Natural share similarities with characters like Spider Man, Bat Man, Super man, Kingpin and Wolverine. The Fictional Character  was created to introduce to Marvel Comics.  

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Boza X NAtural(Series)

Issue #1

Issue #1 covers Boza x natural as Teenager Discovering His Powers and Abilities.

Issue #2

This Comic is the The No.2 Issue were Boza X Natural Meets His High School honey While Discovering when is the perfect time to use his Super Powers.